Welcome to The Grove



“When it rains here at The Grove, it only rains Benjamins.”


A place where the sun is always shining but the only sweating is on the outside of a frosty can. This is a place where every day feels like game day and every day your game is ON. Here, we wear flip flops in the summer and in the winter we wear smiles… Because we’re still wearing flip flops.



The Grove Sunglasses


Born in the warm traditions of the deep south, off the Georgia coast, The Grove offers handcrafted eyewear that is always in style. Plus, they’re made of handcrafted bamboo with state-of-the-art polarized lenses. Not only are they ridiculously good looking, but these shades also float. That’s right: THEY FLOAT. Never again will you feel the simultaneous sinking of your heart as you watch your favorite sunglasses fall to the depths of the ocean, lake, or whatever body of water you choose to party at.



We’re Not Just About The Best Sungalsses


At “The Grove, ” we’re not just about sunglasses. Here, it’s all a frame of mind. We realize that we aren’t the only sunglass company in the world, just the only one that makes you a natural badass….so get into The Grove y’all, the water is fine.